How to shop smart and invest your outfits for the holidays

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New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate, reflect, and look forward to the future. In the year end, it is the busiest time in the years with lots parties, get togethers, company dinners, wrap up in work and house cleaning for the new year. Choosing the best outfit is never as straightforward as grabbing your favorite dress from the closet. You may want to purchase some trendy pieces but need to strike a balance between a new make-over and personality no matter the holiday.

Here are few tips for you how to invest your outfits for the holidays.


Start shopping early

Shop earlier, especially when there is big sales in thanksgiving week. The best selection of party dresses is usually available a few weeks before the event. Leave enough time for fit alterations. You may also need time to pair your outfits with new accessories.


Set a budget

Party dresses can range in price from affordable to designer. Decide how much you are willing to spend before you start shopping.


Do your homework

Before actually start going out for shopping, you should go to social media like Instagram, Pinterest, shopping platforms to view the hot picks. Avoid to buy styles that already overwhelmed in the mass market. Compare the price, save the styles and outfits you are interested, stream down to around ten before you go to the shop for fitting.  


Shop smart

When you buy that stunning fancy sequin dress or holiday bow dress, it may end up sitting in your closet for the rest of the year. Definitely not a piece you would repeat it for other event or a good mix and match item. Otherwise, pick a dress you can picture yourself wearing to at least 2 events, like Christmas and New Years Eve, shower and wedding.  Or even better, a dress you can repurpose easily.

Try on different colors

 Don’t be afraid to try on different colors to find what looks best on you. Any color solutions for an evening outfit are suitable for them. Choosing modest special occasion dresses in cold shades for an evening look is best. Blondes and brown-haired women with transparent skin will look even more delicate and romantic in bright colors, blue, peach and yellow-colored clothes. Formal occasion dresses for women with platinum hair and brown can be any shade of grey or beige.


Get fitted and know your shape

A well-fitting dress will make you look and feel your best. Determine what is your body type. Are you tall, petite, curvy, or pear-shaped. Then decide what are your assets? Do you have long legs, fabulous shoulders, a small waist? If you know yourself well enough, you will definitely able to find a dress that elevate your body shape and make you feel even more confident.  


With so many amazing party dresses on the market, when you are ready to invest some money, just remember these tips to shop efficiently and no hectic. If you are not sure where to shop, visit, find the dress that will make you feel confident and enjoy the holiday season’s celebrations.