How to choose a perfect holiday party dress for every occasion

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The holiday season is officially upon us, with so many amazing party dresses on the market. We know, it is hard to choose! Every moment has a different vibe and most of us wish to dress up relevant and look gorgeous. There are few factors to keep in mind. You will need to know the dress code of the party you are attending. If it is a black-tie event, you will need a formal gown, while invited to a cocktail party, wear a shorter, less over shown playful outfit.

For every woman who believes in style and trends, there is always a lot of information out there to show the most popular dresses and what the celebrities are wearing. It is not about picking a dress that is on trend, but all about choosing the right one for the occasion. Hence, here are some ideas to save you from regrets. Below mentioned are holiday party events with dress references and ideas to explore.


Formal Party

If you are invited to a soiree or are throwing one yourself, it very important to choose a stunning dress that flaunts your best feature. You can choose to wear full-length dresses that look elegant and beautiful. This is the perfect time to pull out all the with feathers, shiny sequins, and anything sparkly. Equally, a little black dress will be perfectly elegant with the right accessories. Choose a traditional strapless maxi or go with a bodycon style with long-sleeve that could be chic. Plain maxi dresses leave the space for accessorizing, but patterned and embellished dresses are easier to mesh with a more formal occasion.

Date Night Party

A red cocktail dress would be perfect, pick a style that combines elegance with sexiness, nothing is too over shown or extravagant.  You can try something unusual, combines the expected with the unexpected and makes use of rich materials such as sheer lace to showcase a level of provocativeness.  These looks keep the flirty appeal interpreted by others as confidently sophisticated.

Office Party

At the workplace, you might want to avoid looking too over-the-top style in the party but at the same time, you prefer to look something different. Less is more with this kind of party. Keep it simple, tasteful, fairly conservative.  You can choose some bright or festive color and touch up with accessories. If you want a fancy material, velvet, silk, shimmer, embroidery are great fabrics to consider.

Family Party

You may not be going to your family’s party to impress them with your fancy outfits or sense of fashion, but you can still dress for the holidays! For fun and exciting moments at your family gatherings and reunions, you could try wearing outfits that allow you to relax, move around, and enjoy. These include, sheath dresses, shirt dresses, t-shirts, blouses, pull-on pants, jeans; an oversized sweater with leggings. Or even more festive with velvet sweat set or bolded color leggings.

House party

House parties are always a bit difficult because you are likely to be sitting a lot. The chances are high that you will get down to some casual activities during the friends gathering. For instance, you will probably play fun games or have a barbecue outdoors. Bodycon or short dress just doesn’t work. But a loose fit midi dress can still be easy and chic.  It is also the perfect time to pull out knit dress, jumpsuit, fancy round-collar tops and a pair of well-cut trousers.  Consider getting customized mix and match to make a bold statement of your passion for fashion. After all, you will be spending the entire day in the presence of close friends, and you should not shy away from expressing your character.


Every Holidays events seem to spark the same question: what dress can you wear to the party? Our suggestion is, unless it is a black-tie gala, having one item in your outfit ‘underdressed,’ or casual, for a bit of juxtaposition can really spice up a look.  Also, you can stick to a few attire tips to ensure you make the best impression.  Remember to always consider the followings:

*The dressing attire

*The type of event

*The event space for the party

*The reason for the gathering

*Who will be there


Now that you know how to land the perfect outfit, go ahead, visit, find the dress that will make you feel confident and enjoy the holiday season’s celebrations.