Our Service

JJparty YXS garment factory-Experienced dress manufacturer-Professional OEM&ODM factory

ODM Service

We accumulated 30 years of experience in manufacturing and development. We provide ODM one stop service to buyers to save cost and time in product development.  We design garments for small businesses and start-up in apparel industry. We take care of people who want to develop their own brand or retail business but not prepared to invest too much in developing a collection of their own. We are a well-established manufacturer with equipment and resources, we can design, sampling and produce under the same roof. We make it more cost effective and provide limitless options to buyers to choose from. We hope that our customers will know our strength by purchasing our products. At the same time, we can get closer to consumers to understand what is their preference in fashion.

JJparty YXS garment factory-Experienced dress manufacturer-Professional OEM&ODM factory

OEM Service

We have 30 years of history in manufacturing and export experience. We provided OEM service to our oversea buyers. Product is made according to requirement and specification. You can send customized design, material, specification and colour to follow. We can develop product from sketch to pattern, source specific fabric and trims to make proto sample, till it is up to satisfaction and approved for production. Since we developed product from the very beginning, we understand the product feature and aware of any potential quality issue may arise. We can assure production quality will be as good as sample. Therefore, all of our product is well received by our business partners in USA, Europe and global market.

JJparty YXS garment factory-Experienced dress manufacturer-Professional OEM&ODM factory

Product Development

We love fashion, we like challenges. We are very strong in product development. Our team will work with designer to discuss the right technique and making.  We have a large data base with patterns, samples and fabric library.  We can share our fashion design and manufacture experience for your reference.  We start from fabric sourcing to pattern and complete the sample to satisfaction.We have experienced pattern makers who can start from a sketch. Pattern maker will fit garment on body form to check the fitting and details. We have a big sample workshop to work on garment construction. We will make mock up and provide options when there is a better solution in construction and sewing.

Pre-Production Meeting

We will make final sample before production start. Pre-production sample will made in bulk fabric and trims with finalize production pattern. Factory manager will hold pre-production meeting with technical team, pattern maker and sewing leader. During meeting, we will review fit comment and workmanship, set quality standard and pre-caution of potential issue. At the same time, we will cross check tech pack with trims sheet and fabric card to ensure material and packaging are 100% correct as requirement. Only when PP sample is approved and check list is verified, then it is ready to start production.

Inspection Service

Our factory has implemented a strict guideline for quality control. We have professional QC team with strong sense of responsibility. They will carry out 2 major inspections. One is in line, taken place in 1st production lot. Then we will take final inspection when goods are finished. Our buyers request international inspection standard AQL 2.5 but we push forward to take 100% inspection for internal control. We pursue our product will go beyond customer’s standard. We also welcome QC or 3rd party auditor come for inspection. Then we can discuss face to face how to improve sewing technique and shipment quality.

JJparty YXS garment factory-Experienced dress manufacturer-Professional OEM&ODM factory

Customized Packaging

For long-term partnership or order quantity over 5,000 pieces, we will provide customized packaging such as hangers, hangtags, sticker and polybag. Our professional purchasing team will develop packing materials and work out a set of packaging specifications for shipment. We will ensure products will be packed and protected according to its size and deliver under the best condition.

JJparty YXS garment factory-Experienced dress manufacturer-Professional OEM&ODM factory


We can provide procurement service for oversea materials. We can arrange import license and customs clearance for most fabric and trims.

JJparty YXS garment factory-Experienced dress manufacturer-Professional OEM&ODM factory

Social Compliance Audit

Our factory is compliance with international labour law. We have professionals to support third-party auditor conducting social compliance audit in a regular basis. We also welcome inspectors to evaluate core objectives of safety, security, ethical operations compliance of government regulations adherence to buyers’ standards.