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You are a fashion blogger, fashionista, influencer, fashion-lover, how do you turn your talents to your career.  Whether you want to be the next big fashion empire or simply want to sell your design online, finding the right premium clothing manufacturers is critical to your success.


The rise of eCommerce has seen many aspiring fashion individuals find success online. There is no reason why you can’t do the same. You must have a niche in 

mind, special clothing designs, or a specific target customer for the clothes you would like to sell, selecting the right and reliable garment factory for your new collection is critical to ensuring a smooth and stable production process.

Finding a good factory requires some research and due diligence. Here are some steps to help you find the Mr. Right:


1. Define your fashion business goals

If you know exactly what you want to achieve, then you will be able to communicate your vision effectively to the garment factory.  Clearly outline your production needs, including product specifications, quantities, budget, and timeline. Determine if you require a small or big size of production facility.


2. Research factory options

Network and industry referrals are important for the new start-up.

Online directories and platforms: Utilize online directories and platforms that connect fashion designers with factories. Some well-known and trustworthy platform like Alibaba, Global source, Ecer for sourcing fashion factory. Research and read reviews about factories listed on these platforms to narrow down your choices.

Industry referrals: Talk to fashion designers, industry colleagues, and organizations within the fashion industry. Ask for recommendations or referrals to factories they have worked with and their comments.

Attend trade shows and exhibitions: Visit trade shows and exhibitions that focus on fashion manufacturing and production. There are list of trade shows you can easily find online: Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics, China International Fashion Fair, MAGIC LAS VEGAS, Premiere Vision-Paris, Texworld Evolution Paris, Texworld New York City, HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week. This will give you the opportunity to meet factory representatives, see their capabilities, and discuss your project in person.


3. Manufacturer business model

When trying to find a clothing manufacturer, it is crucial to comprehend the kind of business you want to start with. There are a few various types of garment manufacturers.

Cut & sew manufacturer – OEM

OEM manufacturer produces garments to your specifications. They can source specific fabric in your color, provide trims options for your brand. Make pattern base on your sketch or photo and provide sample for fitting. This could be a good manufacturing solution if you want to make a full collection or have unique and precise design.

Wholesale manufacturer - ODM

Working with ODM manufacturer will be the best option when you are not designing a collection or unique style. These types of factories can sell their garments and attach your own label to them. If you are a new start-up and do not prepare to invest in development and samples, you should work with factory that provide their own design products.  You can select from their archive, work as a stylist to set up your own wardrobe for selling.


4. Define factory’s capabilities

Production capabilities and expertise

Consider the expertise and specialization of the factory. Not all clothing manufacturers are capable of producing all types of clothing. You need to be sure that the manufacturer you choose is able to make your design products.

If you are selling or designing a single item you should find factory which is specify in this category. Some factories may excel in certain types of garments or materials, may have advanced technology for specialized techniques. They are experienced and efficient, may able to negotiate a better buying price in long run material and provide a more competitive selling price to customers.

If you are designing fashion or launch a full collection, you should find a fashion factory which can make all categories like woven, knit, light and heavy fabric under one roof. They have developed and manufactured many products, have exposure to work with different designers, brands and markets. They will able to provide many options, references, patterns, fabric and trims sourcing for you.

You should always choose a factory that aligns with your specific fashion design requirements.

Request samples and references

Ask factory to provide samples of their previous work that is similar to your product. Evaluate the quality of craftsmanship, finishing, and overall fit and appearance. You can also check the brands they have worked with, reach out to the website to check the price range and the business segment of the labels.  That will help you to understand the factory ‘s work and quality level.

Factory visits and audits

Once you have shortlisted potential factories, schedule visits to their facilities to assess their capabilities and quality control measures. During your visit, observe their production processes, check the condition of the equipment, and review their samples and finished products. You may also consider conducting an audit to ensure they comply with ethical manufacturing practices.


5. Minimum order quantity -MOQ and Pricing

Minimums are an essential aspect to consider when producing your fashion label. It will affect the cost of your product and limit your choice of materials or even factories. Establishing the quantities, you will need for each garment type is also important.  There are a lot of people complaining online about having trouble finding manufacturing partners with low minimum orders. And, they always jump to the conclusion. There are China factories specifically set up to specialize in low MOQ orders. When you approach a factory as a startup asking for super low MOQs, you should prepare to pay for higher price for the products.  Sampling charges often barely cover the time and manpower it takes to create your samples. So, factories don't actually start to make money until you place bulk order.

It is a fair deal and quotation rule, less order quantity request higher price, higher quality request higher cost, it has no exception. You should be wary of excessively low prices as it may indicate compromised quality or unethical practices. Negotiate minimum order quantities, delivery timelines, and payment terms to ensure they align with your needs.


6. Shipping and transportation fee

The shipping time is quicker when working with domestic manufacturer.  Transportation costs are frequently less expensive than working with oversea factories. Nevertheless, when keeping local production, it is normally more restricted product selection with higher price for the products.

For many years, China apparel manufacturers have been the most popular. These factories produce all types of garments in lower price. In addition to its low labour costs, China has become known as "the world's factory" because of its strong economy creates a virtuous cycle for sea and air shipping. China has the largest logistics market in the world, it provides frequent courier service, flights and vessels to every corner of the world.


7. Communication and collaboration

Assess the responsiveness and communication capabilities of the factory to ensure smooth cooperation. Clear communication is vital in providing instructions, options, solutions, and ensuring your design is accurately translated into the final product.


8. Legal considerations

Select factory is located in the country away from political issue. Ensure it is compliance with labour laws, workplace safety regulations, ethical and sustainability standards. Request certifications and licenses to cross check their operations are legal and ethical.


9. Vision

Whether you are a new start-up or a well set-up brand looking for expansion, working with the right garment factory is so critical. For premium brands and designer labels, price isn’t just the deciding factor anymore, and there is a concise decision-making process that considers the factors from quality, loyalty and reputation. Building a strong relationship with a reliable factory will contribute to the success of your fashion brand and growth your business in the long term.


Remember, finding the right factory may take time, so be patient, thorough, and diligent in your research.  Your first step to success is to find a high-quality manufacturer.   YXS fashion, Yongxusheng Nantong garment factory, HK Bright Eternal, JJ party can help connect your brand with our factories. We don’t set MOQ, we aim to open the door for all potential customers. We provide ODM and OEM Service, accumulated 30 years of experience in manufacturing and development. We can develop product from sketch to proto sample, work on fitting and modification till production approval.  All of our production is well made with meticulous attention to interior details and expert craftsmanship, enhancing overall aesthetic appeal.


Please visit our website to find out “Who We Are" and “What We Can Make For You”.  Take your first step and contact us today.

We love fashion, we like challenges, we strike for success! We have facilities and professionals, all we need is a potential brand, a reliable partner who has strong vision and networks. Customer can rely on us from development to production, so they can focus on design and marketing.  We believe once we started our partnership, our factory will able to succeed our partner to where they want to be.

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